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How Home Care Services Work With Elders Who Refuse Help?

How Home Care Services Work With Elders Who Refuse Help?

How Home Care Services Work With Elders Who Refuse Help?

how home care services work with elders

Supporting elderly individuals can bring a lot of daily challenges, hassles, and communication gaps. Most adult individuals struggle with these issues when their elderly parents refuse to seek help. To take care of elderly individuals properly, there are some essential steps to follow. These steps can help to release the stress and resentment that is directed at elderly parents.

Fulfilling the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of an elder individual is essential. It helps in order to keep them healthy and flexible both mentally and physically. Negligence or ill treatment from caretakers can create various health-related issues. It can even lead to severe emotional trauma, serious disease, and even death in extreme cases. 

Suicidal attempts, nausea, or mental restlessness, among other symptoms are signs that must not be ignored by the family at any cost. Appropriate psychological and medical care is essential for these elder parents, as a loving relationship can turn fragile with age. Letting go of unrealistic expectations will help to resolve conflicts between both parents and children. At Priority Home Care, we are a Philadelphia home care agency that provides the best home care services to senior citizens who may be in a vulnerable stage in life.

  • Providing Elder Care And Health Maintenance 

Giving proper care to the elder parents can give children a sense of fulfillment and love. It can create beautiful memories and make the most of time with parents at a pivotal stage of their lives. 

That stated, the job of caregiving becomes tough when loved ones reject the assistance. That is when children tend to seek the assistance of professional caregivers. 

The course of aging cannot be stopped by any individual or action, and many elders face diverse health and mental issues that can cause loss of mobility and composure despite their best attempts to stay healthy. That is why Priority Home Care acts as a support system for elderly individuals.

Lack of proper communication can make close relationships fragile and create undesirable feelings. Cognitive decline can also cause stages of paranoia and hallucinations for loved ones. Medications can even trigger such medical conditions. During those cases, one must seek immediate medical assistance for their loved ones. 

Patients sometimes exhibit inappropriate, abusive behavior or offensive language due to frustration or pain. A new phase of cognitive decline can cause pain, sadness, and unpredictable moods as well. Patients may even refuse personal hygiene and maintenance. It is a very common phenomenon in cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Proper elder care in Philadelphia takes care of patients who are suffering from cognitive decline with compassion. 

  • Prioritizing the Well-Being of Seniors 

Due to work pressure and commitment, most children are unable to take care of their elderly parents properly. Home care services can provide essential care such as cooking, laundry, groceries shopping, periodic doctor visits, and much more. Professional caregivers also have an understanding of a patient’s needed medication routine and diet. With home care, seniors can have companionship with loved ones while still getting needed assistance. Philadelphia home care agencies can ensure safety and protection from injuries and falls, for which older adults are at an increased risk.

  • Enabling Parents to Decide How and When They Need Care 

Elder care provides professional assistance and gentle care during tough times. Proper communication can also give relief from frustration and allow the elder individual to express themselves freely. 

For the cases of cognitive decline, challenges in communication evolve as the disease progresses. Sadly, many professional caregivers are not well aware of the patients’ attempted nonverbal communication. 

It is essential for both the family and professional caregivers to observe carefully what the individual is trying to communicate through their behavior. It is also vital that professionals providing elder care in Philadelphia maintain appropriate body language with their patients. 

If any kind of misunderstanding occurs, it is advisable to simplify the person’s desires and decisions. Using visual prompts and varying types of cues can also help to clarify understanding and improve the response of older adults with cognitive decline or dementia.

  • Providing Elders With The Best Physical Therapy 

Arthritis, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease can create immobility, muscle weakness, and many more problems. Even without the presence of disease, however, aging comes with its own negative impacts. With age and time, our bones and muscles simply get weaker. 

Physical therapy is a treatment to potentially cure disease, injury, or bodily deformities through therapeutic exercise. The main goal of physical therapy is to restore muscle strength and function. Physical therapy in Philadelphia emphasizes improving mobility without the help of drugs or surgery. It also reduces the risk of nonfatal or fatal injuries and infection with its customized exercise plan and helps patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Should You Choose Priority Home Care For Your Parents?

Senior care can deliver solutions for older individuals and their loved ones. It can also create overwhelm as one starts to explore the many potential options. 

One must let go of expectations that are unrealistic in nature, as they can create conflicts. Correct elder care can provide compassionate solutions for the many problems that arise with age and disease. 

As the time comes to care for parents, one must let go of frustration and make the time enjoyable for them. Parents also desire to feel that connection with their children. If you are seeking senior care  Philadelphia for your loved ones, you can get help and hire the best team of professional caregivers now.

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