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Speech therapists are professionals with expertise in handling communication issues and speech disorders. They work with people of all ages and help them improve their speaking and communicating capabilities. If you are suffering from any kind of speech disorder or speech impairment, you should seek the help of Speech Therapy.

A Philadelphia speech therapist will help you overcome your speech and communication issues. Several disorders can be treated with the help of this type of therapy and countless people have already benefited from it.

Speech Therapy Philadelphia

Following are some of the common speech disorders that can be treated through speech therapy:

  • Articulation disorders –The inability to form certain sounds and/or words may fall under articulation disorders. This issue is most commonly faced by children. Ideally, you should address this issue while your child is still young before it develops into a more severe disorder.
  • Fluency disorders –This disorder is characterized by problems maintaining the natural cadence and flow of speech. A child may naturally develop a fluency disorder, or an adult may suffer from one after a stroke or similar event. In either event, it can be treated with the help of a speech therapist. Our team of therapists will help you or your child in overcoming your fluency disorder.
  • Receptive disorders –An individual suffering from this disorder may have problems understanding and processing what others say, which can affect an individual’s life to a great extent. Head injuries in particular can often lead to this type of disorder. If a person suffers from a receptive disorder, it may seem that they are uninterested when someone else is speaking. Our speech therapists will design the best treatment for you or your loved one in order to overcome this disorder and communicate more effectively.
  • Expressive disorders –If an individual faces difficulty in conveying or expressing information, then they may have an expressive disorder. We provide uniquely versatile speech therapy services and will help the individual to overcome this and any other type of speech disorder. Our therapists will design the most suitable treatment plan based on the age of the patient.

speech therapy for seniors

How long do you need speech therapy?

The following factors may affect the length of your speech therapy treatment:

  • Age (Children may quickly overcome some disorders, whereas in adults some disorders may take more time to resolve)
  • The severity of the speech disorder
  • Type of speech disorder or impairment (Some disorders will improve relatively quickly, whereas others may require special attention and long-term therapy)
  • Frequency of therapy

Both children and adults can benefit from Speech therapy Philadelphia to regain their lost confidence and communicate effectively. We design and treat individuals according to their age, their problem, and the diagnosed cause.

We provide specialized one-on-one care and help our patients to lead their ideal lives. Address these issues before they get out of hand. The earlier you spot signs of a speech disorder and contact a speech therapist, the faster and more effective the results you get will be.

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